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Founded in 2013 and based in Morocco, Moha Vacations is a premier tour operator specializing in creating immersive and unforgettable travel experiences across Morocco. We are dedicated to showcasing the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant traditions of this enchanting country. At Moha Vacations, we believe that travel should be a transformative journey that connects travelers with the essence of a destination.

Our team of experienced professionals shares a deep passion for Morocco and a commitment to providing exceptional service, personalized attention, and meticulous attention to detail. What sets us apart is our tailor-made experiences. We understand that every traveler has unique preferences and interests, and that’s why we craft customized itineraries that cater to your specific desires, ensuring an authentic and personalized journey. Whether you’re seeking a historical exploration, a thrilling adventure, a culinary discovery, or a relaxing escape, our team will design a trip that exceeds your expectations.

With our local expertise, we have carefully curated partnerships with local communities, artisans, and accommodations to provide you with an immersive and authentic experience of Moroccan hospitality and traditions. We also strive for excellence and are committed to providing exceptional service at every step of your journey. From the moment you contact us to the completion of your trip, our friendly and professional team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. We are also conscious of the impact of tourism on the environment and local communities, and we promote sustainable and responsible travel practices. Our ultimate goal is to create lifelong memories for our travelers, filled with unforgettable moments that will stay with you long after you return home. Join us on an extraordinary adventure through the enchanting land of Morocco. Let Moha Vacations be your trusted companion, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience that will leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

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Andressa FAndressa F
13:34 22 Feb 24
My journey through Morocco with Moha Vacations was a dream come true, thanks in large part to the exceptional guidance of Mustapha. From the bustling souks of Marrakech to the labyrinthine medinas of Fez and the coastal allure of Casablanca, Mustapha expertly led our group through a tapestry of experiences, each one more captivating than the last. His deep-rooted knowledge of Moroccan history and culture brought the sights and sounds of each city to life, offering us a truly immersive experience. With Mustapha as our guide, every moment felt like a treasure, leaving me with a profound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Morocco.
My travel experience with Moha Vacations in Morocco was nothing short of magical! Mustapha, our knowledgeable tour guide, added a personal touch to every destination. Exploring the historic wonders of Fez and the vibrant energy of Casablanca felt like stepping into a rich tapestry of culture.The highlight, however, was our journey to the mesmerizing Merzouga Sahara Desert. Mustapha’s expertise transformed the desert adventure into a captivating story of vast dunes and starlit nights. The accommodations in Merzouga were not just places to stay but oases of comfort amid the vast landscapes.Moha Vacations curated an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blended culture, history, and the breathtaking beauty of Morocco. A heartfelt thanks to Mustapha and the team for making this journey a lifetime memory.
Embarking on a journey with Moha Vacations as a couple was an extraordinary experience that surpassed our expectations at every turn. From the moment we landed in Morocco, the magic unfolded with a meticulously designed itinerary that seamlessly blended romance, adventure, and cultural exploration.Our adventure kicked off in the bustling city of Marrakech, where the vibrant souks and historic sites set the stage for a dynamic start. Moha Vacations ensured that every detail catered to our couple's retreat, from handpicked accommodations with an intimate ambiance to personalized excursions that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the local culture.Moving on to Chefchaouen, the "Blue City," we were captivated by its serene charm and cobalt-hued streets. The intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for romantic strolls and shared moments against the picturesque backdrop of the Rif Mountains.The culinary journey curated by Moha Vacations was a feast for the senses. From savoring traditional tagines in Marrakech to exploring the diverse flavors of local markets, each meal was an exploration of Moroccan gastronomy that brought us closer as a couple.The pinnacle of our experience was the Sahara Desert adventure—a dreamlike sojourn into the golden dunes. The sunset camel ride and a night under the stars created an atmosphere of unparalleled romance. It was a moment when time seemed to stand still, and our connection deepened beneath the vast desert sky.Throughout our journey, Youssef, our knowledgeable guide, was not just an escort but a storyteller, sharing the rich history and cultural nuances of each destination. His warmth and attention to detail made our trip not just a vacation but a personalized and enriching experience.In retrospect, Moha Vacations orchestrated a symphony of experiences that celebrated our journey as a couple. Their commitment to crafting personalized and memorable trips shines through, making them our top recommendation for anyone seeking a romantic escapade infused with cultural exploration in Morocco. Our heartfelt thanks to Moha Vacations for creating a chapter in our travel story that will be cherished for a lifetime.
bassou herrabassou herra
19:29 23 Oct 23
Mustapha Amraoui888Mustapha Amraoui888
20:22 21 Aug 23
Tony MBlTony MBl
23:41 08 Jan 23
We contact Moha Vacations for a trip and they offer us 10 days trip from Casablanca to Sahara desert and then they show up at the airport and they pick up us in private US it was super clean and the driver was very nice and patient to us, The hotels and food was great and the amazing thing is the camps in the desert.I will recommend this company to everyone.Thanks a lot Moha and say hi to all our friends over there
Jana KimetyJana Kimety
06:48 16 Nov 22
Our trip was amazing! Morocco's beautiful culture,breathtaking sceneries and the loveliest people willforever be embedded in my happy memories.Having Moha Vacations plan our itinerarywas the best decision we made. They thought ofeverything & made sure we didn't miss a singleexperience. They were responsive, accommodatingand most importantly, very patient with our longbucket list & spontaneous activities. The biggestpart of what made it truly memorable was ourdriver/guide, Mustapha . He is the BEST! I've never metanyone who always has a warm smile ready andinfectious optimism for his guests. It made everymoment fun (even on the long car rides). He kept uslaughing & his curiosity about our different cultureswas heartwarming. Definitely, DEFINITELY requestfor him if you have your trip with Moha Vacations and really wantto be taken cared of and just enjoy your stay.It's bittersweet to leave Morocco already whenthere's still so much to discover but it has left merejuvenated and happy, filled with so manymemories (and great photos!). All thanks to Mustapha and Moha Vacations
Ling-An FangLing-An Fang
22:51 08 Nov 22
Moha is a smart and friendly travel expert. He is passionated about what he does, and happy to provide the best information. He helped me to program a 9 days private tour in a few major cities in Morocco and I felt safe and well-informed. He checked in with me daily personally to make sure everything was good. I will go back to Morocco soon again and will work with him happily again. Thank you for everything you have done for me
tom Dansontom Danson
19:54 06 Nov 22
This tour was absolutely unforgettable. My wife andI are doing a one-year trip around the world andhave been on many tours, and we are amazed atthe quality of services, the variety of sites, and justthe unbelievable beauty of Morocco itself. Webooked a private tour and loved every minute of it.The Sahara luxury tent was better than many hotelswe stayed in, spacious and beautiful. There wasincredible food and the guys working there were somuch fun and took such good care of us. At nightthey turn off the lights and we were able to see theMilky Way. October was perfect weather so thecamel ride was very relaxing. They gave us theoption to leave the camp by 4x4 instead of camelagain and we went with that, which was lots of funthrough the dunes. The hotel we stayed at thesecond night was beautiful with the most amazingview of the mountains, and again service was top-notch. I want to say that Moha Vacations isone of the best tour companies out there:professional, responsive, transparent, and veryserious about customer satisfaction. But ourabsolute favorite thing about the whole tour wasour driver and guide, Mustapha . Despite spending a lotof time in the car, we never had a dull moment withhim. We learned so much about Moroccan historyand culture from him and had lots of laughs. He wasvery professional and very attentive, and knew whenwe wanted to relax and take it easy. He also madesome suggestions for us along the way that wereally appreciate (we LOVED the fossil museum, forexample). It really felt like we were doing anincredible road trip with a good friendThere's really not many negatives I could say. Yesthere's a lot of driving but we didn't mind this. Thereare always incredible views and we had Mustapha totalk to. There will be some moments when peoplemight ask you to buy things, but they were neverpushy about it. We always felt safe and well takencare of. Actually we felt amazed by the hospitalitywe received. I highly recommend this tour agencyThank you Moha Vacations !
Nawal Channel NYNawal Channel NY
07:01 11 Oct 22
Such an amazing trip- i would recommend toeveryone! We had such a great group on the trip all really friendly, and the driver was such fun too,always happy to chat and made the long busjourneys enjoyable with good music and laughswe saw spectacular places on this trip that we wouldn't have been able to see otherwise, 2 with an accompanied tour guide - both of whom were also great!The sahara is breathtaking- we had the option to book luxury camp or normal camp in the Sahara, we decided to go luxury with our own bathroom, which was really nice. The trip is incredible value for money, best part of our holiday to Morocco.Thank you Moha
James adventuresJames adventures
15:02 30 Sep 22
Amazing experience!! we had a 6 days trip i and my friends , the trip we had got us through the main attractions between Casablanca and Merzouga and then from Merzouga to Mrakkech through many amazing places . Guided tours with historical and cultural contextualization made it much more interesting! Well organized and, of course, even funnier thanks to MUSTAPHA , a fantastic guide who made us feel welcomed all the time and assured everyone was ok all the way up to Merzouga. Definitely would suggest this Travel agency to anyone who wants to get to know the beauty of Morocco .Thank you Moha !

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